Our container loading software

Loading Constraints

Our load planner engine consider many package constraint such as orientation allowed, bottom only, can stack or not, grouping. For the container, the engine verify max weiht and balance constraints. The user can choose bottom, or side loading, and limit de packages pile height in the container. Of course, the engine build optimized loading plan that respect all the constraints.

Zpack field of use

Zpack is able to calculate the best way to load any set of parallelepiped packages (any square or rectangular box) in any type of parallelepiped container.

Technologie used

Calculating a loading plan is a combinatorial problem. In the mathematical theory of complexity, this problem belongs to the class of so-called NP-Hardness or NP-Complete problems.
The Zpack 3D load planner engine use a sophisticated 3D loading algorithm, which is the result of many years of intensive research and cooperation between logistics providers and university.
Zpack use state of the art NP-complete algorithm (grasp combined with the tabou method) to explore intelligently the huge space of combination and find out a good solution. Million and million of combinations are explored per second, and constraints are cheked in parralel by the engine. The combinations that does not respect the constraint are eliminated. Zpack use the tremendous calculation power of the computer to explore combinations and check the constraints.

Zpack rate

Zpack is a web software. Our packing optimisation software is available on the cloud for a very low price.
No licence to buy, just create your account and you are ready to start.
For each use, we deduce one ticket from your tickets book. You can buy tickets directely on the site, at a degressive price.
4 € for one ticket
3 € each ticket for 10 tickets book
2 € each ticket for 100 tickets book
1 € each ticket for 1000 tickets book
ROI is immediate !
As we say above, Zpack is a web service. Instead of using Zpack from our site, you can send a request to the Zpack web service directly from your information system.