load planner

Zpack load planner optimize volume use in containers

The purpose of Zpack is to help you to maximize the use of your containers and trailers and significantly reduce transportation costs thanks to his packing optimisation. The zpack load planner engine create compact patterns of load objects to ensure maximum efficiency of the load space utilization.

Zpack works in saas mode

You can use our load planner software directely on the web to create compact graphical optimized load plans for different use as carton loading, box loading, pallet loading, trucks loading or containers loading.
As we mention above, Zpack is a fast 3D load planning software that can be used directely on the web. You Just have to connect to Zpack web site, create your account, and you are ready to use it. Zpack is very easy to use : type in or import your set of package, choose your container, start the calculation and you will get a container optimized loading plan in 2D, 3D and pdf format for your set of package. Of course, Zpack offers more sophisticated functionality like multiple container packing, grouping, shipment cost calculation, loading plan archive. If you are looking for a more confidential or intensive use, Zpack can be interfaced with your corporated data system, or the Zpack calculation engine can be directly integrated in your ERP.