container packing

How to use the container packing software

Zpack is a container packing software available on the web. To use Zpack, you just need a net connexion to access the website. At your first connexion, you will be asked to create an account. Then you will be able to
1 - type or import your package set,
2 - choose a container type to load you package in and ask Zpack to calculate the optimised loading plan of your package set,
3 - consult your optimized loading plan in 2D and 3D on your screen and print it in pdf format.
The 2D and 3D visulization offers many fonctionalities like visualization one by one, reverse mode, by layers, by type of package, by owners, etc..). You can create and maintain as many package type as you want and use these type to increase package set encoding. You can create as many new container type as you want and choose it of if you dont find it in the list.

So, what is Zpack ?

Zpack avoids the drudgery of loading plan calculation done "by hand".