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Zpack operate in the 'Cloud'. Zpack allows you to enter or import your parcels from your browser, choose a container and start your load plan calculation.
Loading plans are performed on the server and sent to your browser in 2D display, 3D display and via a loading plan in pdf format
Zpack is not a free software. Zpack is charged for a few euros each time you use it. To use Zpack, you must buy tickets on the site, at a degressif price : 15 euros if you buy one ticket, down to 6 euros by ticket if you buy 1000 tickets.
We charge 1 ticket for the calculation of each new loading plan. For a given set of parcels, you can test different container type with the same ticket.

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We never activate any account without a phone contact with the users.
When we activate your account, you can buy one time a 10 tickets discovery book for 36 euros.
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